Clock Tower by Jan de Swart


The clock tower was the only piece of art included within the overall construction budget of the Fulton Mall. It is the visual centerpiece of the six-block pedestrian mall system. Constructed of laminated fir, the tower is 60 feet high, and features four clock faces. The clock tower was trucked to the site and tilted up on its precast bronze clad concrete base. At one time, the tower was illuminated at night. Four plaques at the base honor various dignitaries instrumental in the development of the mall and its public art, as well as former Mayor Arthur Selland and Redevelopment Agency Chair Arthur Eckhold, both of whom died before the opening of the mall in September 1964.

3D Showcase

Fulton Challenge

How many clock faces are on the Clock Tower?

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Artist Biography

Jan de Swart was a prominent Dutch born artist who moved to southern California in the early 1940’s. He is best known for his unique use of wood in both sculptures and furniture. His work was frequently featured in Art and Architecture magazine. De Swart received a gold medal from the American Institute of Architecture, and had one-man shows at the Pasadena Art Museum and The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles.

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