Mosaic Benches by Joyce Aiken & Jean Ray Laury


The builders of Fulton Mall had planned to contract with a Los Angeles artist to create the mosaics, but all of the designs would have been identical. Instead, local artists Joyce Aiken and Jean Ray Laury were commissioned to design the mosaic benches, as well as mosaics that once lined porcelain water fountains along the mall. The fountains and their mosaics are no longer extant.

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Fulton Challenge

True or false: All the Mosaic benches are identical.

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Artist Biography

Jean Ray Laury was an inspirational quilter, designer, teacher and writer who lived and worked in Fresno. She won a great deal of recognition for her quilts and appeared on TV shows such as the Home & Garden channel and Do It Yourself network. Joyce Aiken is a prominent member of the Fresno art community who taught feminist art at Fresno State, lead the Fresno Arts Council for many years, and was a founding member of Gallery 25. She is a nationally respected artist that continues to serve Fresno to this day.

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