Warnors Theatre Built 1928


Warnors Center for the Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. Located in Downtown Fresno, the Center is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Originally built in 1928 as the Fresno Pantages to house vaudeville entertainment, it was purchased less than a year later by Warner Brothers and began playing silent films. Today, the Center is host to a wide variety of headliner entertainment along with an eclectic mix of culturally diverse programming.
Warnors Theatre is a National Historic American theatre built by Alexander Pantages, one of the most prominent managers of vaudeville entertainment and a renowned theater magnate, and opened its doors in 1928. Warnors was originally built to house vaudeville acts, and there’s even a room backstage designed to accommodate live animals. In 1929 this Pantages Theater was purchased by Warner Brothers, and its name changed to “Warner’s Theatre.” Fresno thus became the second West Coast city to have a Warner Brother’s motion picture theater. The theater was used primarily for silent movies until “talkies” came out in the 1930’s. The name was changed again in the 1960's to "Warnors" to avoid trademark issues.

Fulton Challenge

What year did it open its doors?

1920 1928 1945


1400 Fulton Street

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